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Punjabi Singers

*Apache Indian Punjabi/reggae artist. He was the first Asian to enter the top ten in the UK charts and is one of the few remaining 'old-school' UK bhangra artists.
*Amar Singh Chamkila Popular folk singer
*Amrinder Gill Singer of love songs
*Asa Singh Mastana Singer of classical folk songs
*Anamika UK band from early '90's with rock flavour
*Angrez Ali Folk singer from the Punjab
*Attro Chattro Comedian
*Alaap Pioneers of the modern bhangra movement
*Awaaz Group UK early 80's classic bhangra
*Azaad Group Late 80's classic bhangra
*Awaara Group Late 80's UK group
*Amarjit Sidhu Mid 80's UK singer
*Alam Lohar
*Baba Sehgalbabu mann
*Bally Sagoo Music Artist who specialises in Remixes
*Bhotu Shah Comedian
*Bhagwant Mann Comedian
*Banny A
*Bally Jagpal Singer and member of the band B21
*Bhota Jagpal He is a producer, member of B21 band and is a brother of Bally Jagpal.
*Bhujangy First Punjabi band in the world, established during mid 70's in the UK
*Bikram Singh
*Bohemia The Punjabi Rapper First ever Punjabi rapper. He has collaborated with well established rappers such as Snoop Dogg.
*Chirag Pehchan An 80's bhangra band who are no longer around
*Channi lead singer of Alaap
*Daler Mehndi
*Daljit Neer
*Debi Makhsoospuri
*Dhillon Boyz
*DilrubaLate 1980's band from the UK, although originally from Uganda who apparently hated Idi Amin, the dictator...had one nice album 'shaal maar key' on Multitone records
*D C S 80's uk bhangra band released an album in English as well titled 'be with me'
*Dalvinder Singh UK artist
*Dil Jeet new singer from the Punjab
*Dr. Zeus He is a producer from Birmingham, UK and is widely regarded as being one of the best Punjabi producers in the world. He had partial commercial success with the 2003 single 'Shake what your mama gave ya.' His 2003 album, 'Kangna,' was a huge success, with the song 'Kangna' being voted the best song of 2003 by listeners of the BBC Asian Network. He has worked with many famous Punjabi vocalists, including Bally Jagpal and Lembher Hussainpuri.
*E=MC Rapper, MC and producer for Punjabi albums and is closely associated with the Punjabi producers RDB.
*Exzecutive Producers from late 80's early 90's.
*Davinder Kohinoor
*Gurdas Mann
*Gursewak Mann
*Gurpreet Ghuggi :Comedian
*Gurbax Shonki :unrated best Punjabi singer (sada rab janda, allna gareeb da, iko tera lakh warga, etc,)
*Gubi Sandhu Vocalist from the UK who is closely associated with the Punjabi producers/ artists RDB and E=Mc. He received the UK Asian Music award for Best Album of 2003 for his debut, 'Dil Karda.'
*Hans Raj Hans
*Harbhajan Mann
*Harvey Sahota
*HMC rapper/mc
*Hard-E Brother of Jazzy B (Punjabi singer from Canada)
*Harmohinder S. Upashik Lyricist
*Hazara Singh Ramta
*Heera Group UK bhangra band from the late 1970's up to the early 1990's. They are regarded by bhangra fans and critics as being among the pioneers of modern bhangra due to their use of Western and Punjabi instruments. They were awarded many Gold disks for their albums and were responsible for the popular songs 'Maar Chadapa,' 'Pat Gaya' and 'Lak Noo Hala De.'
*Inderjit Nikku
*Inder Jabbowalia : Lyricist
*Jazzy B A singer from Canada who has seen much commercial success in both the Hindi and Punjabi charts. He is famous in Punjabi and Hindi communities worldwide, including UK, Canada, India, USA and Malaysia.
*Jagjit Singh
*Jasbir Jassi
*Jassi Sidhu He is a former member of the UK Punjabi band, B21. He has released two albums since leaving the band.
*Jassi Sohal - Jinde
*J S Jassal
*Jaspal Bhatti
*Jeeta Singh Mangat
*Juggy D This artist is from Southall, UK. He is a member of the Rishi Rich Project which contains, amongst himself, Jay Sean andRishi Rich.
*Jeet Bhogal
*Kuldip Manak This artist is widely regarded as one of the best Punjabi Folk singers, with many Punjabi artists such as Jazzy B quoting him as one of their early inspirations. His song 'Yaaran Da Truck' is widely regarded as being one of the best Punjabi songs of all time.
*Kaler Kanth
*K.S. Makhan
*Kamal Heer
*Kuldeep Rasila
*Labh Janjua Lyricist on the 'Beware of the Boys' (Mundian tu Bach Ke) track, which was produced by Punjabi MC.
*Lal Chand Yamla Jat
*Lehmber Hussainpuri He is a singer who has seen much success since 2003, when he provided vocals on most of the songs in Dr. Zeus' album, 'Unda Da Influence.' He has since appeared on many songs from many other producers and has one of the most easily distinguishable voices in Bhangra music.
*Maninder Shinda - Son of Surinder Shinda
*Manmohan Waris Living Legend - King of Bhangra
*Dr Madan Gopal Singh
*Master Salim
*Mohammad Siddique Traditional Punjabi Folk singer
*Madan Maddi Singer of sombre and sad songs
*Musafir band from india, who have a similar style to Sahotas (UK)
*Malkit Singh Originally a lead singer of the Golden Star Group (UK), he is a record holder in the Guinness Book of World records as the best selling Bhangra artist of all time. His song 'Jind Mahi' also appeared in the 2002 film 'Bend it like Beckham.'
*Nachhatar Gill
*Namrata Gill
*Nusrat Fateh Ali khan
*Pete Ware Recording engineer of great repute in Punjabi music
*Pargat Bhagu
*Panjabi MC Producer of 'Beware of the boys,' a track which made him a worldwide superstar.
*Parkash Kaur Golden Punjabi Folk Singer
*Romy Gill
*Ranjit Baath
*Ravinder Ravi :The Indian Idol
*Raj Tiwari
*Ravinder Grewal
*Rattan Reehal Not a singer but a lyricist, poet and writer who has contributed greatly to Sahotas albums.
*Rani Randeep Female singer
*Safri Boyz A UK Punjabi band who were at the peak of their fame throughout the 1990's, and who still continue to make songs. Their 'desi' style is widely credited to be the catalyst for the recent surge in the popularity of Desi Bhangra; many of their most popular songs were produced by Bhota Jagpal, a member of the B21 band. They are responsible for the popular bhangra songs 'Boliyan Part Two', 'Pao Bhangre', Chan mera Makhna' and 'Rahaye Rahaye'.
*Sardool Sikander
*Satinder S. Gill
*Satwinder Bitti
*Sukhwinder MFEMF
*Stereo Nation
*Sangtar World renowned Punjabi Composer/performer based in California, USA. He is the brother of both Kamal Heer and Manmohan Waris, who are both world renowned Punjabi singers.
*Sahotas A band from Wolverhampton in the UK, composed of seven brothers. Their first song, 'Ik Pattli Jehi Muttiar,' was released in 1987 and was a large success. They are one of the most successful bhangra bands of all time.
*Shin This artist is the lead singer of the band DCS.
*Sabar Koti
*Silinder Pardesi of Pardesi music machine
*Shingara Singh
*Sardara S. Gill of Apna Sangeet; now Apna Group (UK)
*Shamsher S. Sandhu Lyricist
*Sukhshinder Shinda
*Sukhwinder Singh
*Surinder Shinda
*Surjit Bindrakhia
*Surinder Kaur Golden Punjabi Folk singer
*Sohan Singh Rai
*Sardara Singh Bilkhu Bhangra/trance hip hop singer
*Vijay Dhammi
*Vijay of Achanak
*Zaheer Gill


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